how tipsy elves gives back

Our sweaters are different, and so is our donation policy. Some surveys estimate that as many as 1.5 million children are homeless or living in poverty. Tipsy Elves has a special initiative to help children in need called our "Sweaters 4 Sweaters" program.

sweaters 4 sweaters

Tipsy Elves plans to bring some holiday warmth to as many children as we can, and you can help! Each sweater you purchase on our website will help Tipsy Elves donate brand new warm hoodies to children in need. Shop knowing that each sweater you buy will not only make you an all star at the upcoming holiday party, but will also help less fortunate children stay warm this holiday season. We are a United States company, and since there is a tremendous need right here at home, all donations will stay right here in the United States. If you are part of an organization or charity that you feel could benefit from our s4s initiative or care to learn more, please email us at [email protected] We are always looking for new donation candidates and new kids to keep warm.

Make the world better with a sweater

We've teamed up with Save the Children to donate over one thousand children's hoodies to students at some of the most disadvantaged schools in America.

Tipsy Elves partnering with Save the Children
Round Up for Children

When checking out on, you will have the option to round your shopping cart up to the nearest dollar. This amount will be donated to Save the Children, and we're matching all donations.

Make The World Better With A Sweater

Save the Children is partnering with National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day on its Make the World Better With A Sweater Campaign, where participants can do good and donate while looking "ugly." Click here to learn more.

Tipsy Elves Donating to the Community Tipsy Elves Donations

Tipsy Elves visited the San Diego Rescue Mission, the Set Free Fellowship Organization and several local children's organizations. Throughout the day, over 400 children's hoodies were donated in the San Diego area.

Tipsy Elves teamed up with Children of Shelters, a San Francisco based nonprofit organization that provides support and education for children living in or being served by the homeless shelter system. Tipsy Elves attended a Christmas party hosted by the organization and donated hundreds of sweaters to families and children at the event.